Monday, June 29, 2009

A farewell to Solaris 9... Already?

My flock still has a large Solaris 9 community within it. It's hard to believe its already time to start the long march to EOSL, but alas, the announcement is clear, as is the Solaris 9 Transition FAQ. The bell is ringing.

Looking back at other Solaris EOLs I seem to always recall thinking that revision had really grown long in the tooth, and the replacement OS was badly needed. In this case, Solaris 10 has a long list of what I consider "dreams come true" to make you want to upgrade. However, I have a lot of experience watching Solaris 9 boxes take some incredible abuse and keep ticking. In my mind, it may have fewer bells and whistles, but it really did its job well.

So let's raise a glass of Solaris and toast to the legacy of 5.9, and to the enterprise evolution that is 5.10 and OpenSolaris. Cheers!

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