Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Google Blog Search - Algorithm Insanity?

This isn't really Solaris related as much as computer science related, but today I experienced a very strange behavior from the great Google. One of my hobbies is archery, and I live in the Rochester, NY area. So, I was searching blogs on Google with the following string: "rochester NY archery". Seems pretty benign, right? Apparently, it's more like looking for Dick's Sporting Goods at www.d_c_s.com.

The number one hit for Rochester, NY archery is: "Club Intoxicated Girls". Actually, almost all of them were blog spam hits. That's incredibly frustrating. It's also a bit surprising because in my experience the SPAM heuristics in Gmail are second to none. Interesting times we live in.

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Reiko Admirer said...

I was browsing around to see if anyone else had commented on this. Nice to see at least one other person had noticed it. Google Blog Search finds almost nothing but SPAM. One of the most common are fake DVD movie/TV show reviews which link back to spam sites or torrents. Even the first page of relevancy rankings are now being filled up with spam now. They need to seriously adjust their algorithm because what they have now is not cutting it.