Thursday, August 28, 2008

Solaris available on Dell Servers

I have to admit I was surprised, albeit pleasantly, when I saw a post on indicating that Solaris 10 is now an order option on certain Dell servers.

Of course Solaris has been available on best in class Sun x64 hardware for some time now, but the mainstream world doesn't follow Sun's products in the same way they do Dell. In a sense, I think this going to be a better channel for advertising than revenue, although I really hope its beneficial for both.

There will now be a lot of Dell customers who see Solaris on their order options, and I believe this will make a larger group of consumers think about Solaris where previously they had no occasion to.

Regardless of the outcome, it feels good to see Sun opening up a new channel and I sincerely wish both Dell and Sun success with it.

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