Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Evolution of Email

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what benefits have been derived by the evolution of email from the days of ASCII text to our modern world where Microsoft Word can act as the email editor?

Fortunately I don't need to ponder this question any longer. Today I received an email which simply would not have had the same impact back in the old days of low-tech correspondence.

The email started out with the following, which is a direct quote:

Starting IMMEDIATELY - ZERO TOLERANCE for any and all non compliance of the following process!

It looks pretty menacing in ASCII text, but thanks to Microsoft Exchange and its mind-blowing capabilities to allow more effective self-expression I was able to receive that motivational phrase in a 24-point underlined red font.

I have to admit, it's difficult to fully realize the gravity of the phrase without gratuitous aesthetic enhancement. Let's face it, it would take a PowerPoint attachment to more effectively intimidate me.

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