Monday, May 07, 2007

Turn off the LAMP and Reuse Acronyms

I've never been a fan of the LAMP acronym because it's too restrictive. It gives the impression that to be socially responsible in the Linux community one needs to be a LAMP developer.

In this month's Linux Journal magazine I found an article explaining one perspective on why PostgreSQL is a more desirable database than MySQL. I've had the exact same thought process for years now. Truth be known, I also prefer Perl development to PHP, and I prefer running the stack on Solaris over Linux. I guess that SAPP doesn't have the same sexy ring as LAMP. There's probably an odd trademark thing with an ERP company as well.

Now before you get too bent out of shape, I am aware that the acronym has some poetic license with it, and people often swap Perl and PHP, and in theory any other letter can be swapped out. Why invent a new acronym that doesn't convey the real idea when a perfectly good acronym already exists?

There is nothing wrong with simply stating that an application is built on an Open Source Stack. The acronym OSS (Open Source Software) is well known and conveys a lot more than LAMP. It stands for a methodology rather than a point solution, and embraces the foundation that made "LAMP" so successful. Why limit yourself to MySQL and PHP? Wouldn't you be more valuable as an architect capable of leveraging the most appropriate components Open Source has to offer?

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